About the Author

Annette Savoie (aka FlowerGirl) is dedicated to bringing Divine messages to the world through her writings, private readings, online courses, workshops, and soul rehabilitations retreats. These programs are available to those who want to heal their soul.


Annette Savoie (aka FlowerGirl) is recognized worldwide as an exceptional clairvoyant, inspirational speaker, spiritual advisor, and gifted healer. She specializes in helping clients find their way back to their Divine selves. Through her own personal darkness, Annette was able to find her own Divine light. Through walking through the darkest part of her own soul, she learned to embrace all aspects of herself. With this awakened state, FlowerGirl wants to help others to appreciate and own their uniqueness and light. Annette will show you the path to connecting to your higher self and to a living an authentic life of love, freedom and abundance.