About the Book

Why did you write Leap of Faith?

My whole life I’ve wanted to inspire people to never settle in their lives for less then what they deserve, to push their boundaries, be authentic and genuinely happy. Leap of Faith is a simple guide to help people achieve greater life satisfaction.

Was there something in your life that inspired you or prompted you to begin your own personal journey?

At the age of 30 I had hit a salary plateau and felt trapped. At that point I reflected back to my early childhood dream of inspiring others. I asked myself “How am I inspiring others right now in my life?” The truth came to me and

I realized that the only motivation for me at that moment was money, benefits and security. I realized that a paycheck without purpose felt empty inside and I had a hunger inside for more. I wrote this book of inspiration with a personal touch so my readers could relate their life to mine no matter where they are in their life.

What is the key to happiness and why are so many people left searching for it?

Happiness is a conscious choice you make daily just as you choose anything else in your life; it is a choice not an acquired state. I feel that if you want to increase your level of happiness you must get naked with your core, heal your past, own and love your authentic self and create a healthy balance in all sections of your life.

What does it look like to live a life of purpose?

Imagine a life where you are living the freedom of who you were meant to be, doing what you were meant to do, feeling passionate about your life, living each moment consciously with gratefulness, loving deeply and allowing yourself to dream big.  Living purposely means showing up for yourself in the world with your God given heart, body, mind and soul.

What are you doing to market your book?

Over the next year I will be conducting a North American Leap of faith tour. At each stop of the tour, I will hold a public event where I share some specific channelled messages, a group healing, a motivational talk, and I’ll finish off with the signing of the book. Participants will go away inspired to make powerful changes in their lives.